Friday, November 8, 2013


Every Thursday (and Sunday), I go and meet with a wonderful youth group at my church. Last night in our small group discussion we talked about being branded, what are Christians branded as a whole. What do you think of when you think of Christians? I think of people who love the Lord. But I'm sure other people think of other things like judgmental, no fun, etc. It was also pointed out to me that Christians tend to argue about things and complain about the world today. I thought of that as a challenge.  For all of today I have tried not to complain. Not whine about being cold or tired. Not complain about being hungry or thirsty. It put me in a better mood. Out of the whole day, I only complained twice. Once for having to take notes in History, and the other was for something just as silly. It also put me in perspective. Looking back on today and writing this post I realized that there are people who are freezing. People who don't have a heated house to come home to. People who are exhausted, working multiple jobs just to provide food for their families. People, children who are starving and parched. People who would be thankful to have to take notes in a high school history class. Thankful for things that I complain about. Just little things like taking notes in a history class.

So, I have a challenge for you. How long can you go with out complaining? Just try, for one day. See if it makes your day better. When I realized today that every single thing I complained about was something that people were praying for. I realized that I am a selfish person who complains about the stupidest things. Today was an amazing day because I didn't complain. I thought before I said anything. I thought about each and every thing before I said it. Well maybe not everything but more than I usually do. I just stopped complaining for a day. One school and work day (and it is Friday so I did have to clean preschool bathrooms) and I held my tongue and didn't complain. So, I did it. Why can't you. I challenge you to not complain (or try not to complain) for one whole day. Whether it is a week day where you have to work or go to school. Just try. Let me know how it made you feel and how many times you complained (if you complained at all) that whole day. I hope it will effect you like it did me.

Much love and God bless,

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  1. Dakota, I love this post and I love you, sister! Keep up the fantastic work!