Monday, October 6, 2014

My Angel Tree Baby

I almost didn't do the Angel Tree this year. I struggled to raise all the money for my AT babe last year and I didn't want to fail to provide for another orphan. I know every amount helps. I ended up raising the whole $1000 dollars for Leilani and sadly, not much more has been raised for her since then. I saw that there was a little baby on the tree this year. She was born in March. God showed me that she was the one who needed me this year.

I hadn't even been checking the kids on RR lately because I was so overwhelmed with school. I was looking at the newly listed kids last night and saw another baby, or at least that's what she looked like. I felt my heart melt. I had already committed to raising $1000 for my AT baby and she wasn't on the angel tree but I had to help her. It wasn't an option to not help her.

The baby that I committed to for the Angel Tree is

 Silvia. Silvia is a name that means a lot to me. Silvia is the name of one of my supervisors at work whom I look up to in many ways. Since the first time I saw baby Silvia on RR she has had a special place in my heart.

Silvia, I will not let you down.


Silvia, Baby girl, I love you so much. You and Aria both. We are all in this together. I will do everything I can to get you girls home with a great family with a loving mama and daddy who will hug you when your scared and take you to the doctor when your sick. They are out there. I will SHOUT and YELL for you until they see you. Baby girls, my heart breaks for you and I will be praying for your mamas and dadas to see you.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Aria Plus 1

Aria is not on the Angel Tree this year but Alyssa and I have decided to put her on our own Angel Tree. Not only am I going to raise $1000 for my AT baby who I have yet to reveal, I am also going to raise $1000 for Aria.

In order to reach these two goals before the end of the year, I started two tee shirt/ sweatshirt campaigns.
I can do 
all things
Him who
gives me

The Philippians 4:13 campaign is located here:

Design Image

The I Can't Keep calm campaign is located here:

Alyssa also has a shirt campaign going on.

Buy a shirt, join the cause. <3 I need to sell a minimum of 10 t-shirts in order to make any money from this.  I will split the proceeds evenly between Charlie ( and Aria (!  

Use this link to purchase the shirt below:
The Every child deserves a family is locate here:

The Every Child campaign is benefiting Aria and Alyssa's AT child Charlie.

Both the I Can't Keep Calm and the Philippians 4:13 shirts are benefiting Aria and my AT baby.

Friday, October 3, 2014


This little princess has spent most of her short life in the hospital receiving medical care for her many disabilities. Even though she is 5/6 years old she looks like she is an infant/toddler.

40929163700 (2)

Aria has Spina bifida with hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, deep mental delay, congenital deformity of the hip, congenital ptosis, optic nerve atrophy, iron and protein deficiency.

Even though miss Aria is dressed in little boy clothes, she is a girl. She needs a momma to dress her up! Every girl deserves to get dolled up, especially when they are so CUTE!!!

40929163700 (1)

It appears that she gets fed through a nasal G-tube.

I absolutely adore sleeping babies. I just want to pick up Princess Aria and cover her with kisses.

If you are feeling led please donate and/or pray for this princess and her family. She definitely deserves a momma and daddy just like every other kid in the world.

Aria's Profile  << click there

Stay tuned to find out who my Angel Tree baby is this year!!! Guess below. Last year it was Leilani, this year its a new baby. Leilani hasn't had very many donations since last Angel Tree so please consider donating to her long with Aria.

Friday, August 1, 2014

With a Heavy Heart

I hope you have Kleenex near by for this post.
A year ago in June, a 16 year old boy was brought home from an awful orphanage in Bulgaria.
 His name is Tommy.
(all pictures are from The Blessing of Verity blog)
He is also known as the boy with the million dollar smile.
He was loved for the first time in 16 years.
Now he will be loved for eternity in heaven with Jesus.
Yesterday Tommy died in a tragic drowning accident.
He can now RUN and JUMP and TALK.
Just like Adam whom is also in Heaven and from the same orphanage as Tommy.
Not only will he be with Adam but also all the other kids who were in their orphanage.
They can do things typical kids take for granted for the first time in their lives.
Yesterday Tommy woke up with his family, this morning he was with Jesus.
I have no doubts that he will one day see his family again.
And when he does I am sure he will RUN into their arms.
We do not know why Jesus only let Tommy be here for a short time.
We probably won't until we are with Him in heaven.
He came so far in the year that he was with the Musser family.
Tommy, even though I never met you, you will always hold a special place in my heart. I cannot wait to meet you in heaven sweet boy.
Please join me to pray for the Musser family as they are grieving the loss of their beloved son and brother.
If you feel led to donate to help them provide the money for the funeral cost you can do so here:
In just one day over $2000 dollars has been raised for Tommy.
God's people are good.
Keep them in your prayers please.
Tommy, you will be missed immensely.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Joni and Friends Family Retreat 2014

This year I went to the Family Retreat in Murieta, CA instead of the one in Overgaard, AZ.
The camp in Murieta was a lot bigger than the one in AZ. This year I was blessed to have our camp's Pastor's family. They adopted us into their family instantly. Their son is currently battling cancer for the 3rd time in his 8 years alive (Today is his birthday. Happy birthday buddy!!!!!!!) He was first diagnosed with a hereditary type of cancer at 13 days old. This cancer caused him to go blind in one eye so they removed it and now he has a glass eye (but you'd never be able to tell when you're looking at him). I enjoyed spending the week with him and his family. It overflowed me with hope. You would never guess that he is battling cancer right now. He is so strong. He inspired me a whole lot that week.

Now for some pictures.

My camper for the week. I love him.

Reptile Show!!!!

Fun in the pool. My camper and his little sister.

Magic Show/ balloon animals

Hot air balloon ride. (yes I went up in it)

I just loved this picture

We had a wonderful talent show.

I had a wonderful time at camp this year. I am overflowing with hope until next year.  

Saturday, May 31, 2014

URGENT!!!! Prayers for Adam

UPDATE: Jesus took Adam home last night. 5/31/14

Adam has been home from his orphanage in Pleven Bulgaria for almost a year. He has not been doing well lately and they expect he will be meeting Jesus very soon. He suffered so much damage while in the baby house that there is not even enough medical care to help him in America. This is what someone posted on the Help the Mitchel Family Prepare for Adam to Meet Jesus event facebook page.
"Adam has been home almost a year from Pleven Orphanage, but the damage done by the years of neglect was too much for even US medical care to repair. So after so little time with him, his parents are already having to say goodbye. He has had surgery after surgery and I hate watching them try to figure out how to pay for his burial while trying to keep his pain under control during his last few days left on earth. He will meet Jesus soon and His pain will be gone, but their broken hearts are going to remain. I will update with how much has been raised and what is still needed regularly. Money will go directly to their PayPal to be used for the funeral. $6,000 will cover the cost of the Funeral, Burial, and a Headstone for this precious angel. Donations can be made to their PayPal address, which is:"

and this was posted 4 hours before 10:00 PM Pacific Time

"Adam is probably going to meet Jesus in just a few hours. . . Everyone's hearts are breaking watching him suffer and my heart breaks watching my friend lose her baby boy. . . For him that will be the relief of his suffering, but his family is going to be left grieving and trying to pick up the pieces. Can we help them tonight to get this funeral ready? We are nearing $1,000, let's ease the only burden we can for them right now."

Please go to this event page on Facebook and do what you can to help. Please. Please help them out. Prayers, donations anything helps.

 Help this poor child and his family.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

All I Wanted For Mother's Day was a Mommy

This is my really late mother's day post. It is a week after Mother's day and I am finally getting around to this post. Between school, work, family, church and prom I finally have time. 

Not only are the orphans wanting a mommy for mothers day but the foster kids or the orphans that have a mommy coming for them but don't know it. 

Rita. All Rita knows is her crib. For seven years, she only has known that crib. Rita doesn't even know the meaning of having a mommy. We need to show her what mommies do for tummy aches and stinky diapers, nightmares and bad days. There is someone out there that can show Rita just that. 

Rita has a family!!!!!
Her smile brightens the room! The dark room filled with cribs of other kids just like her.

Ruslan. Ruslan as been waiting for over eleven years. He doesn't know what it is like to get a good night kiss from a mommy or have her tuck him into bed and pray with him. He doesn't know what yummy food a mommy can make. Ruslan has a mommy out there somewhere that can do all those things and more. We just need to help him find her!!!


This is what he will do when he finds out he has a mommy coming for him.

Nevaeh. Nevaeh is a four year old girl. She has probably never experienced a mother's love.  This is what her RR profile says from someone who met her earlier this year "She needs out! She is skeletal and looks to be in very poor condition. Neveah just cries and cries if you get near her. Also, she appeared to be heavily sedated. She had a toy tied to her wrist/hand, and her hands were bound to not scratch herself." This is heart breaking. A mommy needs to break her out ASAP. And give her the love she deserves!!!
 Nevaeh (1) 

Collier. Collier is a fourteen year old boy who is in many ways like a toddler or a preschooler. Imagine what a loving mommy could do for him. He ages out in October of 2015. I, an almost seventeen year old, am having a hard time trying to imagine being like a toddler in many ways. Collier is only 2 years younger than me! A mommy needs to break him out before it is too late!!!

Collier has a family!!!

I hope and pray that each of these kiddos will at least have a mama on the way by next Mother's day!

Foster kids here in America (everywhere actually) probably have a hard time with this holiday too. They may get to see their mom or dad every once in a while but they may not get to spend time with them on these holidays. All the classrooms do crafts for mothers day but what if they don't have a mommy to give it to? I think older foster kids who knew their parents longer have a much harder time with things like this. 

If you are blessed like me to work with foster kids, give them extra love as they are going though tougher things than many of us have ever experienced. Show them that they really do matter. That they really are loved. That they mean a lot to you. Hug them this week. You may not realize how much they really need it.