Sunday, March 15, 2015

I am.....

Today, during youth group we were talking about who we are. When someone asks you "Who are you" what is the first thing you would say? I am a child of God, a daughter, a sister, a preschool teacher, a high school student, an orphan advocate, a family warrior.

I am a child of the One true King and he has burdened me with orphans, those specifically with special needs, even more specifically, urgent special needs.

I am a family warrior. This is new to me. I have been orphan advocates, angel tree warriors, family advocates but now I am officially a family warrior. Orphans is who I am, it is what I do.

I am a family warrior for the Chaves Family. They are adopting Nathaniel, also known as Zebadiah. Zebadiah has hydrocephalus. It has gotten so bad that he can not even lift his head. His head has grown to be the size of a basket ball. And incase you didn't know. A basket ball has a diameter of nearly a foot inches. His needs are URGENT.

This is what happens in orphanages/mental institutions. They do not get the children the medical care that they need. Zebadiah will be turning 5 in August. He has had excess fluid in his brain and it has been building up for over four years. HE NEEDS OUT.

Since I am their family warrior, I am going to pray for them and help them fund raise. One way that I am trying to fund raise is a tee-shirt fundraiser. I absolutely love this shirt, but sadly, it isn't selling as fast as I had hoped.

I would love it if you ordered one of these shirts. A portion of each tee-shirt ordered is going to be donated directly to the Chaves family. 

Praise the Lord that the Chaves family has stepped up to rescue this little boy and get him the care he needs and deserves.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day

I am loved.
I have never lived a day in my life feeling unloved.
Sure, not everyone likes me,
I have enough people who love me.
More than the people who don't.
People I love.
I hope no one that I love ever lives a day thinking that they are unloved.
Something that most people take for granted.
Something that thousands of kids live with out.
Something many people die without feeling.
Foster kids...
I work with many foster kids, some who have been in foster care their whole short life.
Some who are new to this situation.
Some who you can tell just feel completely destroyed and abandoned.
Some who keep to themselves.
Some that you can tell are dying to vent to someone but just aren't ready.
We have to assure them that they are loved.
That there are people for them to talk to.
People who won't judge them.
Or start rumors...
Some who understand the terrible things that are going on in their families.
For them, my heart breaks.
Completely shatters.
Who have never been loved.
Never kissed good night.
Never had their favorite meal on their birthday.
Never had a mommy kiss their boo boo to make it all better.
Only know the walls of their bedroom.
Some were abandoned unwillingly.
Like when their parents unexpectedly died.
Some were abandoned because they had a disability.
We can help people bring them home.
We can bring them home.
We can fight for them.
for them
Absolutely and totally worth it.
100% worth it
We can fight for foster kids and orphans in our country.
We can fight for orphans and foster kids in other countries.
Wherever they are,
They do not deserve to be forgotten.
So instead of spending money on flowers tomorrow,
take that money and give it to an orphan's adoption fund, a family who is adopting, a foster kids, foster families, foster homes.
Flowers only last a few days.
Love lasts forever.
Money helps children get the love that they deserve and have been missing out on.
Do your research.
Find a cause that you support.
Donate this Valentine's day instead of wasting money on flowers for a loved one.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Share your favorite cause with us!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Where I feel Led

Angel tree is over. I raised $1,516 dollars. Not I, God raised $1,516 dollars. $1,324 for Silvia and $192 for Aria. I wanted it to be split more evenly but anonymous donors blessed these girls with the amount that is currently in their grant fund. All I can say here is GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME, ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOD. That is all.

I was praying, asking God what He wanted me to do next. He led me to the Morse Family. I don't even know what exactly made me think that this was the family I should support but I knew it was the right decision. I found myself messaging Mrs. Morse on facebook about my idea. And she hoped right on board with my idea. I had seen a saying floating around Facebook and I LOVED it. It said "The will of God will not take us where the grace of God cannot sustain us." I wanted it on a T-Shirt. But I wanted it to support a child or a family. So I got to talking to Mrs. Morse and she loved the saying too. We got the fonts just right and after having many issues with the tee-shirt building website, I finally got it to something I would actually purchase.

This shirt is only available for 21 days (AKA January 24th). Reserve yours NOW before it is too late. You won't want to miss this one.
I am so thankful that the Lord has led me to the Morse family. They are adopting a little boy named Cliff. He is 6 years old, weighing in at 11 pounds.  He has infantile cerebral palsy, microcephaly, club feet, congenital megacolon, and hypotrophy.
Hang in there Cliffers. Mama and Daddy are working HARD to bring you home.

Remember, YOU are LOVED.
NEVER forget that.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I am the Voice for the Voiceless

Many (if not all) of the orphans I advocate for don't get heard in their orphanage. Many of us advocates act as their voice. Yelling, Screaming, Shouting for these kids before they are found and Shouting and rejoicing with them and their families once they are found, once they are rescued.

I love shouting for these kids. Getting them out there. But what I love even more is watching kids come home and change immensely. Happier, fatter (in a great way :)  ) and most of all, loved. Some of these kids waited sixteen years without being loved. Remember Salome? I yelled for her for months. Up until her aging out date. Then I just stopped because I thought there was no hope left for her. Then just a few days later, she was on the My Family Found Me page on Reece's Rainbow. Now check out this blog post. This is an update on my friend Salome.

Meet Mikah.
He has been in his orphanage for twelve years. That is twelve Christmas's that he has spent alone. Twelve birthdays that went without celebration. Mr. Mikah has hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy.

This is an old picture of Mikah. Someone who met him just last month took new pictures of him. They also said he was happy and engaged when they were visiting him. That is wonderful. He looks so unhappy in the photo above. So sad and depressed. Longing for a mommy.
Mikah 2014_2
He looks so much happier. He is still waiting for a mommy. Longing to be loved for the rest of his life. Love that he can feel. I love him and many other advocates love him but he can't feel it. He doesn't even know we exist. He needs a mommy to hold him, to rock him to sleep, to comfort him when he has a bad dream, to hug him when he is crying.

 His orphanage has made a huge change in how they care for kids. Just by looking at sweet Mikah you can tell.

Now meet Brandon.

Brandon is in the same Region as Mikah. Brandon is 10 years old. He has spastic diplesia cerebral palsy. He lived the first eight years of his life with zero medical attention.


This picture is before he started getting proper medical help. I am so happy that he is receiving medical care, but there is always more that can be done. He has spent ten years in his crib. Rarely being taken out. He needs a momma to hold him and love him. He doesn't know what love feels like. Instead of wishing for a PS3 or an iPhone all Brandon wants for Christmas is a family.

Brandon 2014_2

Look at Brandon two years after receiving professional medical care for the first time. He looks so happy. Imagine how happy he would be if he was in a home with a momma and daddy and brothers and sisters. The smile I see on Brandon's face melts my heart. The agency representatives that visited took the more recent photos in fall of this year. They reported that Brandon is responsive and interactive. They watched him play with a light up toy with buttons. *imagining his face on Christmas morning playing with a new light up toy*

These boys make my heart melt. They are so much happier. BUT they could be happier in a loving home. Please pray, shout, advocate, and donate to these sweet boys. Pray for their families. If they already know that one (or both) of these boy's are theirs. And if they don't that they would realize it and start the process to bring them home.

Remember that every dollar counts. Every penny is one less penny the family has to worry about while they are working to bring their child home. Every dollar, one hundred less pennies that the family has to worry about. Even if you can't donate, pray. Pray for their families and that God would lay it on their hearts to reach out for them.

Thank you!

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


You read that right!!!
I am hosting a giveaway.
This is going to be a fundraiser for Silvia's Angel Tree Fund.
To be entered, you must donate at least $15 to Silvia's fund.
If you donate more than $50 you get 2 entries per $15 after that.
Forward your email me your receipt to me at elephantgirl1997 @ gmail .com to be entered
Well, I guess you want to know what I am giving away.......
I am giving away a $25 Visa gift card.

The giveaway ends at midnight my time on November 30th.
Thank you!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is here!
The Angel Tree is here.
It is finally here!!!
I have been waiting for this day since September.
Actually since last year.
The Angel Tree has been up and running since midnight this morning.
Silvia still is at $0.00 even though I have money to donate, its just not in my bank account...
Tomorrow, I am doing a presentation at my church for Orphan Sunday.
God willing, I will bring in more money for the adoption funds of Aria and Silvia. Those are all of the kids on the AT this year.
You can donate to my AT baby here:
And Aria mine and Alyssa's AT babe at
God be with us.
And these precious fatherless children.
They need your love.
God, please find them families during this Holiday season.
Thank you Lord, for giving me this opportunity to raise money to help bring these precious children home.
Your Love Amazes me.
Check out this video that one of my fellow advocates created.
Viewer Discretion Advised

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Growing Up

Growing up, all I wanted to be was mom or a preschool teacher, or both! Right now I am living the dream of working at a preschool. And I absolutely LOVE it. So glad that I'm getting to experience it at such a young age.

I grew up with my cousin who has cerebral palsy. We would go to her school for plays. But I never thought I would have such a heart for kids with special needs.

As I am nearing that age where I am going to have to start deciding what I want to be when I grow up, not that being a preschool teacher for the rest of my life is bad. I am exploring other careers.

I follow a lot of Facebook pages on kids with special needs. I see how they transform through physical therapy. I started thinking about doing that. Even though I always told myself that I NEVER wanted to work in the medical field.

I don't know if this is God's path for me or not. So I will pray about it until He shows me.